World Cup 2018/2022

Our fair country is actively seeking a bid to host the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup. Why? Well, why not? Soccer (fĂștbol) is conceivably the biggest sport in the world, and why not show that the US can host, enjoy, and compete on that level? Politics and business aside, the sport is worthy, just as any sport is.

soccer kid

Positive change (src)

What I find endearing is the site’s ( focus on social change:

Off the field, organizations have identified the unifying nature of soccer. They use the game as a tool of positive social change, both nationally and internationally. A wide range of groups impact people’s every day’s lives from education to health to sustainability.

The social change page lists several organizations who are using the medium of soccer to educate, inform, and affect the lives of people worldwide. Health, fitness, and camaraderie are a few of the positive effects that playing soccer, whether with friends or in a league, can provide. Groups like Grassroot Soccer work to train coaches and educators in HIV prevention programs and life skills through an outlet like soccer.

Morgan Freeman narrated a short video claiming to show “the power of soccer.” ESPN wrote a memo to FIFA, saying, ahem, “soccer is big in the US.” They want it bad:

The message is clear, Americans. Take the day off from work, take your kids out of school, change into your soccer cleats and find a field to play on — ideally where the FIFA inspection delegation can see you.

So, do you think we’ll get it? It seems mainstream, but I hope so. I hope, like in 1994, we can host the World Cup again and be a positive role model for the world’s biggest sport. If you’re into this idea, you can sign the petition below to add to the strength of the potential USA bid: