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Eradicating Ecocide:

Some big waves being made (no pun intended) in the UK this week on Ecocide: the destruction of ecosystems, typically by “human agency.” The Guardian’s great piece “Trial tests whether ‘ecocide’ could join genocide as global crime” describes the mock trial going on today, let by a one Polly Higgins, who runs I reallyContinue Reading

Moving Planet, Moving Louisville – September 24

Spurred by and their climate-changing actions, this year Louisville will have its own Moving Planet event, a “day to move beyond fossil fuels.” The idea is to congregate at a central location on foot, by bike, skates, or some other form of “clean” transportation (bus or carpool being the lesser alternative) and support initiatives forContinue Reading

The Tar Sands and Their Impact

Accurately summed up this short video by Josh Fox:   While I’d love to be in DC next week, I doubt it will happen. At least Vida Vegan Con will satiate some of my activist desires! In the mean time, check out Grist and the links below for good coverage of the Tar Sands protests. Public opinionContinue Reading

Tell Metro Louisville and LG&E To Stop Spreading Coal Ash

Here’s a solid petition hosted on CREDO Action’s site: “Stop dangerous coal ash pollution in Louisville.” It already has about 300 signatures, and they’re looking to give 500 before sending it to the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District. This particular petition references the Cane Run coal plant (which is connected to mountaintop removal) and the coalContinue Reading

Climate Reality Project Drops on September 14

I have to say, I “drank the Kool-aid” when I first heard about this project, as Al Gore has a lot of resources, and my hope was that he would show climate changer deniers once and for all with this project. The Climate Reality Project plans to be 24 straight hours of live, streaming videoContinue Reading