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Arby’s Swings and Misses With “Sliced Up Fresh” Campaign

It’s easy to understand that most fast food isn’t going to be local; the sheer volume of food needed, and the price at which it’s sold requires concentrated operations from vegetables to animals to people. Arby’s apparently decided to dip their beak (pun intended) into the locavore craze…by highlighting the fact that their meat isContinue Reading

Interview with Holly Nolly of Vegan Shortcake

  During my wonderful weekend at Animal Rights 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting Holly Noll, a fellow vegan straight-edger, who, along with Rebecca Bolte, hosts Vegan Shortcake: a “super awesome” cooking show that not only features delicious vegan recipes, but animal rights issues, and “mocktails” or alcohol-free versions of cocktails. I recently spokeContinue Reading

Food “Waste” Reaches A New Low

Hot on the heels of NPR’s interesting the discussion about food waste from Science Friday comes a story that could almost be pulled out of the Onion: Sweet times for cows as gummy worms replace costly corn feed Mike Yoder’s herd of dairy cattle are living the sweet life. With corn feed scarcer and costlierContinue Reading

A Responsibility to Protect Animals: Paul Shapiro Interview

Among the flurry of awesome people I met at AR 2012, Paul Shapiro stuck out for a couple reasons: 1) his presentation was so well put together, entertaining, and fun to watch, and 2) he was with the Humane Society of the United States, a group that some may not expect to be at aContinue Reading

Ask Me Why I’m Veg[etari]an (AR 2012 Guest Post)

I had the pleasure of rooming with Ethan Dussault during the four-day weekend craziness of AR 2012, and we experienced a lot of what the conference had to offer together. Ethan was able to attend quite a few more talks than I, however, and writes below about his experience. Ethan is a long-time vegan anContinue Reading