To Change Everything…Start Anywhere (Goodbye, TNTSU!)

This post marks the end of an era. Over five years ago, in the hot summer of 2010, I started this blog as a way to post about things that mattered to me, to promote veganism, to interview cool people, and to have an outlet to speak my mind. The Nail That Sticks Up has served that goal in spades!

My life has changed dramatically sense then. Relationships, jobs, lovers, friends, beliefs, cities, apartments, and lifestyles have come and gone. Some I miss, others I am glad to have moved away from. I’m still vegan, still straight-edge, still trying to love the only life I have (as a secular humanist) and make it better for others (both human and non-human).

I’ve posted about CrimethInc often because I’m often inspired by their anarchistic, pro-love, anti-authority, balls-to-the-wall, fuck-capitalism approach to life. It rules. I’ve decided I’m not going to waste time wishing I updated this blog more, and instead, simply move on! My words will find a place if they truly need to take up space on the internet (Medium, perhaps?). Those who want to keep up with me will. And the articles that are still here will forever be cached in Google (a good thing, too, because people loooove my Sentinelese piece!)

To change everything, start anywhere. So I’m starting here, and saying goodbye to TNTSU. It served me well for five years and was an excellent springboard to my next venture. What that will be, I don’t know yet – and that’s the exciting part!

Thanks to you, the reader, the commenter, the troll, the instigator, the friend, and inspiration, or the Google bot who gave me a trackback. Hails!

Sam is the author of this blog and occasionally likes to write about himself in the third person. You can follow him on Twitter at @sam_metal.