Coco’s Chocolate Cafe: Vegan Treats in Louisville

I’d been hearing about Coco’s vegan ice cream for awhile now, so I stopped in to check it out today. In addition to the three flavors of cashew-based ice cream (a nice twist from soy or coconut), they have a few vegan chocolates too, such as the “Chocolate Fire” which has habanero and green chilies infused into the chocolate.

The place has a nice¬†ambiance, and decor, and I’d only been in there once, over a year ago, when the vegan ice cream was out, so I felt it time for a proper taste. While I wasn’t stoked about the cherry chocolate ice cream coming out in¬†Styrofoam, it was insanely good: rich, sweet, and hardly any cashew-y taste at all. Tasted just like homemade ice cream. If only the waffle cones were vegan! The chocolates were good – nothing amazing, but I appreciate hand-crafted vegan chocolates. The “fire” one was seriously spicy, but not so much that it wasn’t edible (I like spicy food, too).

I’d definitely recommend Coco’s for a late-evening dessert after dinner – if they can keep the vegan stuff in stock all summer it will cement itself as one of the few places with authentic vegan ice cream in Louisville. Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen has apparently rolled out a coconut-based version, but I have yet to try it.