Wyoming Premium Farms, Tyson Show No Regard For Animal Welfare

Wyoming Premium Farms is a mid-sized CAFO located in Whetland, Wyoming. Existing since 1995, they claim to “produce healthy pigs in a clean environment.” As the Humane Society of the United States recently showed, this is simply not the case:

The images on WPF’s website (which hasn’t been updated since 2004) certainly don’t attest to this, instead showing the “cleanest” possible imagery they can muster: pigs with no sores, standing or laying in a concrete and metal prison:

There’s no grass for these “finished” pigs here – they’re merely bred, fed, and fattened until the most efficient moment, and then shipped off to a Tyson slaughterhouse. The HSUS investigator reports:

In one case, a mother pig with a broken back leg endured a very heavy worker sitting and bouncing on top of her hindquarters as the pig screamed in pain. The investigator also found pigs with untreated abscesses and severe rectal and uterine prolapses, mummified piglet corpses, and baby piglets who had fallen through floor slats to either hang to death or drown in manure pits.

Is this acceptable, in any way? Only to those treating animals as commodities, as product, and not as living, feeling creatures. WPF even claims they have a state of the art wastewater treatment system, yet in 2004 neighbors threatened to sue them over the foul air smell and quality. This is not a business that needs to exist.

The Humane Society is asking people to contact Tyson, urging them to simply “remove gestation crates,” the small metal cages that mother pigs are kept in, unable to turn around. This is a step in the right direction, but definitely not enough. The cruelty that goes on at farms like this one, and pork suppliers around the country is unnecessary, murderous, and unacceptable. Adopting a vegan diet is the one thing that you, or anyone can do, to boycott the animal agriculture industry and their maligned practices.

In the mean time, why not give Wyoming Premium Farms a call and ask them about their animal husbandry practices? Their office number is 307-322-2266.

  • Fran

    You stupid fucks that work at Wyoming Premium Farms should all be tortured until you die (especially the owner).  It also should televised so we can have some good tv entertainment.