Keep Calm And Carry the F&$%! On

Ah yes, the ubiquitous “keep calm and carry on” poster! It has an especially good meaning today as I’ve missed the last two HAWMC prompts (“write about what you want” and “best conversation you had this week”), so rather than abandon the quest, let’s get back on track! Today’s prompt is to generate your own “keep calm and carry on” poster, at the Keep Calm O-Matic website. I gotta say, at first I thought this would be kind of goofy, but I got into it pretty fast. Little did I know, the historical significance of these posters is keep, as the site explains:

Keep Calm and Carry On was the third in a series of World War 2 posters drawn up by the UK Ministry of Information in order to boost the morale of the British people by passing on a message from King George VI. The posters were a stark white text on a red background, with the only image on the poster being the royal crown of George VI.

The first two posters, “Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory” and “Freedom is in Peril” were widely printed and distributed. However, the third poster, which carried the simple message “Keep Calm and Carry On” although printed, was never distributed, as it was intended only if invasion was imminent.

Just as I mentioned about Occupy art last week, the type face and imagery here is really striking. I love it. So making my own was pretty damn awesome! Here’s what I came up with; mouse over to see any explanation. Some are serious, and some are just silly. The site lets you make an unlimited number for free, and you can even order them as posters!








Note: This post is a part of series for WEGOHealth’s “Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge,” which can you read more about here.