Instagram For Android Drops, Two Years Later

Finally! I’d been waiting for the Android version of Instagram for months, no, years (!), after finally making the switch to Google’s more customization-friendly and open-source OS. I gotta say, it’s pretty nice. I was using picplz in the interim (and it can do some nice work!), but it’s just not the same. Kelvin, X Pro II…all the wonderful filters that Instagram uses, and the super-wide fan base that they enjoy: it all adds up to a aesthetically-rich, social photo experience. As to what the critics are saying, here’s PCMag‘s take:

Instagram for Android’s strength relies on its robust photo community, rather than photo editing utility. It’s a simple, fun way to discover and instantly share photos with friends and strangers, but in terms of editing it’s even less useful than the stock Android camera. Stilll, after playing with Instagram for a while, I could start to feel the pull of addiction. It’s just so quick and easy to create and share a folksy snapshot of my life. Instagram isn’t a perfect app, but its popularity is easy to understand.

Agreed! As soon as they smooth out the bugs (a recent update added WiFi and tablet support), it will claim its spot as Android’s #1 photo app, I’m sure. Below are some of my favorites from my meager instagram collection: