Egyptian Government Websites Crashed by Anonymous/CabinCr3w

The Egyptian Presidency, at, has been crashed, and @CabinCr3w is taking reponsibility as of 17:50 EST.

According to Bikya Masr:

CAIRO: The Egyptian military has committed serious human rights crimes and violations against protesters, as more documentation of the violence emerges on social networking websites, showing video footage of harsh and excessive use of force against the protesters, including women and elderly people.Women have been beaten and stripped of their clothes, assaulted and threatened with rape prior to being detained. Activists say the military is escalating their violence and attacks. The number of missing people is increasing, as the death toll reached 10 on Saturday evening and the count of injured nears 400, according to official estimates from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Apparently, this is payback. Also down is the “12th International Cairo Biennale” at and a slew of other .eg and websites.

As Anonymous always says, “Expect Us.”

Original tweet: “Tango DOWN #Egypt #Anonymous #CabinCr3w