Work Should Be Reframed

From “How You Spend Your Time Determines Your Health” by Dr. Jay Parkinson:

Work should be reframed. It should be about optimizing your productivity, your health, and your life. To do this, we need to reframe how we should spend our time. We should do everything we can to minimize passive time and maximize active time.

À la the 80/20 principle that Ferriss and others espouse. After reading about that idea in the Four Hour Workweek, I try to apply it to anything and see if it makes sense. For example “20% of this sandwich is responsible for 80% of the fullness I get” (probably the specific fats and protein, not the carbs), or “20% of the calls I make account for 80% of the significant phone communication I have” (most likely true…most calls, or their content, are filler). Interesting stuff that adds up.

Parkinson’s point (quoted above) is that since some of us do have to work, let’s make it efficient, and healthy at the same time. He argues for standing desks, touch screens to burn more calories (lifting, pointing, raising instead of typing), and I would argue for yoga balls instead of chairs (though wobbling around after a couple hours does get annoying).

Parkinson’s website, whom he authors with Grant Harrison, is actually pretty rad. I see the posts on Twitter all the time and there’s some good, intellectual content on there. The design is fabulous, and they even write about sustainability! Check out The Future Well for more info.