American Black Metal Gets Some Mainstream Press

Perhaps my favorite genre (aside from Dutch Hardcore, and not the guitar kind, ha!), black metal got an interesting review of itself in The New York last week, with columnist Sasha Frere-Jones writing things like:

If you’re going out of the house to hear amplified music, why not take that to its logical end? You may eventually find a TV that is sufficiently large that it makes going to a movie theatre pointless, but you are never going to replicate anything like a black-metal show at home, no matter how fancy your stereo is.

The two bands featured most are Liturgy (unfortunately, I’ve never heard ’em) and the ever “kvlt” Wolves In The Throne Room, who are pretty good if you like that style of lo-fi black metal. Criticism came from the blog “crustcake” who took the opinion that while Jones could have used the piece to really, truly explain the wonders of black metal, instead it just got re-hashed.

But personally I thought the article was great, partly because it focused more on why seeing bands like that live is awesome, and even some history behind the music. Why not expose some of New York’s non-metalheads to a darker, more extreme music? If it can be homogenized, it will, and that probably won’t happen to bands like Wolves or Liturgy.

Very rarely do I self-promote like this, but my interest in black metal is quite related to my own band, Anagnorisis. If you do enjoy black metal, but moreover the more “hi fi” approach such as Dimmu Borgir or Akercocke – check us out. You might dig it. I realize calling us black metal, hi fi, or putting any sort of label on it at all has a host of problems, so if you prefer a crowd sourced description, users would call us: “black metal, death metal, blackened death metal, american death metal, symphonic black metal” and more.

As Venom would say, lay down your souls to the gods rock n’ roll!