Occupy Louisville In Full Swing, Huge March In Solidarity

I had the privilege, pleasure, and extreme joy of being part of a 200-person march up and down Bardstown Road today, all part of the the October 15 Global Day of Action, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Louisville, those brave souls who have been camping out at Jefferson Square Park for almost two weeks now, continue to organize and get Louisville motivated to take action, to fight corporate greed, to take back “our street” and demand accountability. Protests are happening all over the world and I was so proud to be a part of one today.

Below are a few pictures and videos of the grandiose event, which drew young and old, black and white, and everyone in between. We all united, screamed our lungs out, and showed Louisville, indeed, there are people who care. I am proud to be one of those people and stand behind the millions of others who back Occupy Wall Street and all the Occupations around the world.

This is the time for action. It’s time for you to get involved. Find an occupation near you (Occupy Together), get online and share the hell out of #ows posts or news coverage of the occupations. Don’t be embarrassed to tell your friends why this matters to you – we are the 99%, and that’s a hell of a lot more people than the tiny 1% who control forty percent of the wealth in this country.