Futuristic Bike Stuff

Even though I post mostly about vegan and environmental stuff, I still love bikes! So check out these awesome projects:

Revolights. Join the Revolution” just got a ton of Kickstarter backing (like $200k!) to produce these totally awesome rim-mountable lights for bikes. They have a little sensor inside to always face the lights forwards or backwards, depending on which wheel they’re on, and are waaaay brighter than any light out there right now. Super cool!

The Inner City Bike just looks cool. It’s minimalist and contains the crank/cog/cassette/wheel all-in-one! Read more:

The inner city bike was designed by JRUITER + studio as a project asking questions about ultra short inner city travel. What is needed, who is riding, and how far are they going. At first glance it was a fun aesthetic opportunity in new trends, color, and materials. Our target lived / worked in an inner city environment with minimal space. Bicycling at this level can be more about fashion and culture than speed and performance.

Lastly, Ford has come out with this crazy electric bike, the “E-Bike Concept” that can apparently travel up to 53 miles on a single charge, at speeds up to 15.5 mph. I’m all for pedaling, but if this will help lessen our dependence on cars and fossil fuels, then hell yeah! Plus, it looks kinda sweet.

Now go ride your bike!

Photo via 42 Concepts

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