Ecorazzi Presents Microist: Fast-Paced Philanthropy

Leave it to the do-gooders at Ecorazzi to take our crazy, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants world and turn our five second attention span into something useful! Starting on October 3, 2011, their new website Microist will fund a different non-profit every day, for 30 days (Morgan Spurlock might sue, watch out!). The website describes the impetus to do so:

When we started Ecorazzi back in 2006, we wanted to spread the word about the environment in a new way by telling it through celebrity gossip. Five years later, we are the leading source in Good Gossip. You’ll find everything from the latest on eco-friendly celebrities to the most random pop-culture stories.

Now in 2011, we’ve got what we hope is another great idea. Microist is a fresh take on charitable fundraising, utilizing so much of what is hot today: social media, community driven decisions, crowdsourcing, micro-donations, instant gratification and speed.

We’re passionate about doing good things, learning about inspirational people and organizations that are changing the world, and making an impact in whatever way we can.

Non-profits are nominated on Facebook or Twitter, and then voted on by the Microist community on their website. When you donate money to Microist, the pledge gets split 30 ways, with a little going to each of the 30 days they’ll be running this. Right now the daily amounts look a bit low, so “skip a latte” as the site says and help out these worthy causes!

There are a lot of eco and animal rights causes on there, so the money looks to be heading to some great organizations. I was happy to see not only Compassion Over Killing, but also Mercy For Animals in the running for which non-profits will be getting funded when the excitement starts. The site looks to be in beta, but here’s hoping after the 30-day trial run it will continue to get funded enough to keep on going! For more detailed information, check out their FAQ.