Really Really Free Market No. 4: September 25 in Louisville

Woohoo, it’s back! Somehow I missed the boat on August 28 (though I was out of town in vegan-paradise, aka Portland), but The Really Really Free Market is back for its fourth installment on September 25 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm in Central Park on 4th and Magnolia in Louisville, KY. Like last time,

We’ve always been told, “Nothing in life is free.” In our vision of society, EVERYTHING IS FREE!

The Really Really Free Market is a place where people come together to take what they want and give what they can. There is no money, trade, barter, advertising, or remuneration of any kind.

The RRFM is an alternative to the capitalist free market, which isn’t free at all. The RRFM is based on the gift economy—where goods, services, food, skills, talents, discussions, workshops, and many other things that would benefit the community are free to take and give away.

Back in July, at the 2nd RRFM, we got some great stuff, and gave away a lot too. It was a ton of fun! See this video I took while there, or look at some pictures.

Hope to see you there! RSVP on Facebook (of course), here and check out No Borders, Louisville’s Radical Lending Library.

Photo credit: RRFM Facebook Page