Protein Bars, Nut Milk Cheese, and Happy Vegans!

My haul from the last Pure NRG deal. Great stuff!

Some good products and great news for this totally awesome Wednesday:

Vegan Cuts’ deal this week is for PureFit bars! I discovered these guys a few years ago while working at Amazing Grace after someone e-mailed us to see if we’d carry them. They’re totally vegan, use the 40/30/30 ratio of protein to carbs and fat (you get like 18g of protein per bar!), and taste pretty damn good. Not to mention – they don’t melt. Seriously, I can vouch for this after using them during 90 F+ rides last summer. They’ve become increasing rare around these parts, but I snatch ’em up whenever I can. My favorite flavors are the chocolate and almond bars. You can get 10 bars for $12 right on Vegan Cuts! Tell ’em @TNTSU sent you :)

Next up on the daily deal list is Groupon Michigan’s Pure NRG deal. No, I’m not on the pay roll, but for vegan athletes or those looking for high-protein snacks, it pays to pay attention to the internet (I have a Google Alert set for “vegan groupon,” in fact). Pure NRG is a pretty rad company in Berkeley, Michigan that makes bars, cupcakes, and muffins, all gluten-free and vegan. What’s really dope, however, is that their protein bars contain a whopping 27g of protein per bar, and are soy free! Whaaaa? They utilize pea protein, hemp, and even xylitol for a low sugar content. It’s seriously like the perfect bar. They don’t taste as commercial/sweet as Builder Bars, but who cares – the health trumps it all. You can get 8 bars (I think) for $15, but this deal expires in less than 24 hours!

I’m pretty excited for the winter this year, partly due to Punk Rawk Labs’ “Nut Milk Cheeses.” Not even sure how I discovered this season item by the Minneapolis-based company, but it sounds utterly (haha) delicious:

Our cheeses are handmade using organic ingredients. The process is similar to that for making dairy cheese except that it uses nut milk rather than dairy milk. The milk is first fermented. Then, moisture is removed to arrive at a semi-solid texture. Finally, cheese is flavored.

Finally, in case you didn’t already think that vegans are stoked on life (or as Food Fight would say, “trying to suck less“), author and doctor Janice Stanger reported in a study that after surveying over 2,000 vegans, “[o]n balance, survey results indicate people who choose plant-based eating are happy, energetic, healthy, fulfilled, and want to remain vegan.” The survey (of which you can read the press release here), debunked six myths about vegans, including: “vegans are pale, weak, and unhealthy because their diet lacks protein and other vital nutrients,” “a vegan diet is boring,” and that ” vegans can’t enjoy eating out and other social get-togethers.” The respondents overwhelming proved happiness and thriving in all areas of life, all without consuming any animal or animal by-products. Yeah!

Note: I originally found the Pure NRG bars on Daily Gourmet, a deal site that lets you specifically choose vegan-only deals! I’ve chosen to add their vegan-deal banner to the side of the site, which, indeed, I do get a kick-back from.