The Really Really Free Market Coming To Louisville

It's really, really free. Really.

We’ve always been told, “Nothing in life is free.” In our vision of society, EVERYTHING IS FREE!

The Really Really Free Market is a place where people come together to take what they want and give what they can. There is no money, trade, barter, advertising, or remuneration of any kind.

The RRFM is an alternative to the capitalist free market, which isn’t free at all. The RRFM is based on the gift economy—where goods, services, food, skills, talents, discussions, workshops, and many other things that would benefit the community are free to take and give away.

As I saw this flyer the other day, I got quite excited. CrimethInc has me all fired up, and to find out that this Really Really Free Market is being put on by a group called the Louisville Anarchist Federation Federation (yes, really) is pretty awesome.

Louisville’s edition of the RRFM (they exist all over the country, in fact it’s weekly in San Francisco) happens this Sunday, July 31 at Shelby Park. The idea is simple: bring what you like, take what you need. Everything is free. They do caution that the event is not for business promotion (to which I would say, well, “duh”):

The RRFM is a strictly anti-capitalist event, so please leave your business cards at home. This event is not the proper place for advertising or promoting a business.

The RRFM is organized on anarchist principles of mutual-aid, cooperation, and voluntary association. It is a decentralized, non-hierarchical, alternative to the market economy, with one rule…share and share alike. Another world is possible, but only if you want it!

Kind of reminds me of the creative commons license. Free to use, but not for profit. I plan on being there, how about you?

  • runrevolt

    regarding “not for business promotion” to which you would say “Duh!”. I would say the same thing, but guess what happened when Michelle and I let go of the reins at the INDY RRFM…frickin’ Paul Mitchell representatives starting showing up in uniform and giving free haircuts. As organic as one would like RRFM to be, I still think it takes concerted direction to get the most from it. 

    • Sam

      Wow! Awesome that you guys helped with it. I wonder if any ‘businesses’ will show up on Sunday. We’ll see!

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