Bryan Franklin: Embrace Paradox, Maintain Nothing…And Ask This Question

I want you to imagine a version of yourshelf that has no shame, that doesn’t have anything prove, that’s already proved everything; that’s gotten the validation you’ve always wanted, from all the people you’ve ever wanted it from. Declare yourself the winner of any game you could think of playing. No one any more doubts you, least of all you. Imagine that you’ve got nothing to prove. Imagine there’s nothing to hide, that you’ve already revealed every secret you possibly can, everything you can think of that you’re subtlely and not-so-subtlely hiding every day: that’s already all been revealed. And imagine that there’s nothing to lose, either because you’ve already lost it anyway or anything you could possibly lose isn’t real. And then ask the question: what do you want? So in that state, what do you want?

Every minute you spend doing anything that isn’t going towards the answer to that question is a waste of your life.

From Bryan Frankin’s TEDx Talk: The Most Dangerous Question On Earth. I agree, the question, when considered honestly, is quite frightening. I tend to take grandiose with a grain of salt on the internet, but the poise and delivery he uses to spell out the nothing-to-lose “self” of this imagination almost forces the honest, shocking introspection of just how far most of us from that world. Is it attainable? Is it worth it? Tell me what you think. His full talk, below, delivers three key points before he asks the most dangerous question, above.

  • Msprofesora

    Powerful idea!  Who will/can embrace it?