The Resistance Army: Pro-Veg, Atheist, Revolution Tees

At the suggestion of @loimp I befriended @veganstraightedge on Twitter – seriously, what a great username – and found The Resistance Army. The site has a plethora of incredible t-shirts with straight-forward messages about the immorality of meat and dairy, the wacked out idea of god, and the simple act of “revolution.” While there isn’t a lot of up-to-the-minute news on the site (and the project has been handed over to Boing! in SLC), the ideas are on-point, and the logos beautiful.

I’ve created a set of 8 wallpapers based on the still in-print designs which you can view below as 16:10 ratio JPGs. The set of 8 can be downloaded here:

Thanks to Shane Becker for creating this awesomeness. Now go start something!