Ferris Does Activism, More Vegan Food Trucks, and The Paradox of Regret

Don't regret! Take action! (src)


Talk about your mixed entry! Let’s work backwards:

3) I’ve been wading my way through Dan Gilbert’s “Stumbling on Happiness” (who did the Ted Talk I mentioned in my first post ever) and it continues to astound me all the silly decisions we make (or don’t make). Recently discussed by Gilbert is the idea that we regret more of the actions we didn’t take than the actions we did. Or, put another way:

Will you be the one who looks back on his or her life and sees all the chances you took and know that even though all of them didn’t work out as you planned, you had a heck of a journey trying them. Or will you be the other type of person – the one who sits around and regrets all the missed opportunities, connections and adventures because of your inaction?

I love this idea, and honestly, I think it’s true. When I think back (a process that’s already fraught with peril) – the stuff I choose to do usually worked out for the best in one way or another. Some crazy ideas, sure, but they were a learning experience, or fun. Was there stuff I should have gone for but didn’t? Probably. But no matter – onwards and upwards!\

2) Mister-do-it-all Tim Ferris actually did a progressive activism post recently, and I was pretty impressed! He discusses a music compilation that’s giving money to Japanese hit hardest by the recent tsunamis, as well as a ban on shark fin soup and the shark fin trade in general. Ferris writes:

More than 100 million sharks are now slaughtered annually to fuel the shark fin soup trade. The soup is non-nutritive, expensive, and doesn’t even taste particularly good (yes, I tried it in China in the 90′s). It is served mostly as a status symbol at Asian weddings, formal functions, and high-end restaurants.

Think we can get him to tackle veal or foie gras next? Come on Tim – compassion starts here!

1) Lastly, another vegan food truck project appears on Kickstarter, this time from Providence, Rhode Island. “Miss Vegan food truck” is the name, and with a plethora of delicious cupcake pictures, she describes the scene:

Miss Vegan is ready to move from its online dessert store to the next level. Miss Vegan is becoming a mobile food truck! The menu will be filled with healthier alternatives to diner style foods and desserts. The truck will be supportive of local farmers, the environment, a healthier way of living, and of course the lives of animals. We, at Miss Vegan, believe that food is more then just a belly filler. Food is a way to bring a community together and put smiles on people’s faces. Let us put a smile on your face.

Excellent! As you know, Louisville said “hell yes” to our own vegan food truck, so I hope Providence can do the same! Good luck, Meghan of Miss Vegan. TNTSU is behind you (and now, a backer!)