Brilliant Commentary on Egypt’s Revolution

Celebration in Tahrir Square (src)

Here’s two that I enjoyed:

The Ghost of Revolutions Past by Nikolai Grozni, a Bulgarian living in Paris who draws similarities between the Bulgarian revolutions of the 90s. He writes:

What prevents many from truly understanding what took place all those years ago in Bulgaria and over the past three decades in Egypt, and across the Arab world, is that dignity, the very idea of it, is incredibly elusive. (A friend pointed that out to me recently, on Facebook, of all places.) Dignity, as Bob Dylan once said, has never been photographed. Most people wouldn’t know they had it until the day they lost it completely.

The other, longer piece, is from the ever-intriguing CrimethInc, entitled “Egypt Today, Tomorrow the World.” Continually attacking capitalism, the piece attacks mass debt, created by capitalists as a “means of profiting based on expected future returns.” Towards the end, a map of Africa is shown with the omninous dates of future revolts:

The twitter hashtags for the dates of planned uprisings in a range of countries; in addition to those pictured, we can add Morocco (#mar13), Pakistan (#mar23), and perhaps soon the US (#may1?).

May 1, or May Day, would be quite the day to have such an event. Indeed, May Day United has already taken up the cause.