Breast Milk Dairy? Of Course Vegans Get It

So good, it sold out quickly. (src)

I love this quote from the NY Daily Times article from Miriam Simun, creator of “Human Cheese” – cheese made from breast milk:

“Why is cow or goat milk not disgusting?  Vegans tend to get this pretty quickly,” she said.  “And if it is disgusting – well, does that mean we should start thinking differently about all the other ways we use the human body – to make wigs, to transfuse blood, to be surrogate mothers?”

Well, perhaps we should. But humans typically consent to giving their milk, hair, or blood, whereas most farm animals don’t have that luxury. The quote comes from a piece on a new ice cream in London dubbed “Baby Gaga” (which just reminds me of Lady Gaga!) that comes from – you guessed it – human breast milk. They found 15 women who apparently sold their breast milk to this parlor called Icreamists for $24 per 10 oz, and the parlor then turned it into ice cream with a vanilla and lemon-y flavor. Shocked? Hardly. We’ve already seen this with the human cheese thing above, and another New York chef tried to serve cheese from human breast milk last year.

Most of the reactions to the above can succinctly be applied to cow or goat milk, and I love it when these stunts appear, because it does get people thinking. “It’s gross” “It’s theft” “It might have pus or blood in it!” “It’s for babies” and so on. Exactly. The only difference is the underlying premise of speciesism that most people accept when overruling the above statements and declaring that milk, cheese, or ice cream from a cow is somehow morally okay. Vegans, of course, tend to get that, and one can hope that perhaps by reading, or even sampling this crazy new ice cream, some former dairy-eaters may make the connection as well.

  • Aura

    If I was still vegan I’d chow down on some breast ice cream, considering I knew the source and that the women were eating an appropriate organic, low-allergen diet.
    Have you seen anything about vegan preparations of placenta? Think we’ve talked about this before, but if I ever have kids I’m totally vitamixing up my placenta.

    • Sam

      Sure – you can definitely consent to eating yourself!

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