Louisville To Get Local Tofu?

Is local soy milk in Louisville's future? (src)

I sure hope so! I recall this story from Consuming Louisville about 6 months ago on two new vegetarian (vegan?) resturants coming to Bardstown Rd (our “hip” district if you don’t live here). Even a year ago this plan was in the works: “Cafe Mimosa Site To Rise From Ashes.”

So, you can imagine how stoked I was to see this piece of news in the Courier Journal:

$100,000 loan to Heart & Soy LLC, 2240 Frankfort Ave., to allow owner Houng “Coco” Tran to open a restaurant and business that will manufacture and distribute tofu and soy products to supermarket chains, local specialty food stores and other local restaurants. The new restaurant will feature a vegetarian menu.

Not only are they going to distribute tofu and soy products, but the Consuming Louisville article claims that it will be local tofu – maybe from KY’s own soybeans? Let’s hope it’s non-GMO! This could all be hearsay at this point, but it looks like we are getting another veggie-friendly restaurant in Metro Louisville, and that’s a good thing! Along with Morels Vegan Food Truck (whom successfully met its goal!), 2011 is gonna be the year the ‘ville goes veg!