Tim Ferris Interview and Lifestyle Design

Perhaps you’ve heard of Tim Ferris for his previous book, “The Four Hour Workweek.” Who wouldn’t want to work four hours? But, it goes way beyond that (and isn’t specifically working four hours). His whole deal is about lifestyle design which is aptly summed up as

….examining your life and your goals and think­ing uncon­ven­tion­ally about how to make things pos­si­ble now instead of later. It’s about design­ing your life instead of let­ting soci­ety design it for you.

Thus writes Corbett Barr, in his post “What is Lifestyle Design?” Ferris has now released a book called “The Four Hour Body” which covers a ridiculous amount of topics (and thanks Forge Fighting for cluing me into it). Some examples include (from a top-rated Amazon review):

Chapter 6: Perfecting Sleep
How to Fall Asleep Faster:
* Focus on getting to sleep
* 67ºF to 70ºF is the best room temperature to fall asleep
* Eat a large fat-and protein-dominated meal 3 hours before bedtime
* Use low light in the bedroom
* Take a cold bath an hour before bed
* Use a humidifier to generate cool mist
* Try to sleep in the half-military crawl position

Chapter 10: From Swimming to Swinging
* Ferriss learned how to swim effortlessly within 10 days
* How to swing a bat like Babe Ruth
* How to hold breath longer Houdini, and David Blaine

Needless to say, sounds quite appealing to those of us interested in improving both our physical and mental lives! FORA.tv, who has done a slew of awesome interviews, recently posted a great hour long interview with the very candid and funny Tim Ferris, which you can watch below, or on FORA’s website.