Golden Globes 2011 Recap


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Or “What You Probably Didn’t Expect to Read on TNTSU.”

But hey, I’m an American, I watch some TV, a few movies, and I even have a few opinions on them. For instance, Inception is fucking awesome and should have won everything and anything. But, whatever. Here are my crude observations after watching this 2+ hour babble-fest (which you can download illegally here).

  • The production was totally wack – it seemed like a cramped dinner party instead of a big-time awards show. In my head I thought “did they get bumped to a tinier venue at the last minute?” Seriously, it took like two minutes for some of the winners to get to the stage due to maneuvering around all the “stars.”
  • I really do love Inception (see my first post ever!), and was sad to see it didn’t win anything (as if the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation’s vote actually means anything). West Virginian David Ryan wrote a piece dedicated to this tragedy: “Golden Globe a nightmare for ‘Inception’
  • Who the fuck is the “Hollywood Foreign Press Association” anyway? Christian Bale alluded to their mystery in his acceptance speech. According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, they are  “an organization composed of working journalists who cover the United States film industry for a variety of outlets, including newspapers and magazines in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.” So, the Golden Globes are what the rest of the world’s journalists think is good television (or film)? Cool. Color me impressed (not).
  • Trent Reznor could have said some pretty crazy shit, but he didn’t. Either way, his soundtrack for The Social Network with Atticus Ross was awesome – BUT, man, Hans Zimmer and Inception? Come on now. One word: Mombasa. (Reznor won, if you didn’t catch that)
  • Finally, Ricky Gervais. I like to think that his ridiculous jokes and awkward moments were spontaenous, that for once, the Hollywood clowns and overpaid actors got nervous and went home that evening thinking that the corporate tomfoolery of movie making has sullied their lives (most of Gervais jokes were based on the sheer lunacy of what actors do outside of movie making), but I doubt it. It’s a spectacle – one designed to make us “ooh” and “ahh” and grab our attention as we wade through films and movies we have no interest in (such as animated and musicals – ha!). Agents, editing, bleeping, tabloids…they can smooth over any error, patch up any relationship, and correct any misspeak. It’s all fake, but…
  • Whether or not Geravis’ last line was fake, it was pretty rad to see on national television: “and thank you to god…for making me an atheist.” (see a clip here)
  • runrevolt

    I’m more and more convinced that Gervais is a genius…or just a brilliant subversive who snuck into high society and is making the most of it. I love that he doesn’t give a fuck and keeps rolling on. I expect a huge american backlash in the future, but I think he’ll get in enough sucker punches to make it all worth it while he was on top.

  • runrevolt

    And wow…that link about Kathy Griffin’s acceptance speech is hiiiiilarious!

  • Dboy

    I always liked The Office (the original one), but after his Atheist quote Gervais is now my total TOTAL hero.