Assorted Foodstuffs


A delicious-looking market in Italy (src)

I love that word: “foodstuffs.” It reminds me of markets or giant bins of bulk food. But I’m using it as a double meaning here to some cool food “stuff” I’ve found recently:


A tip from the Indianapolis Vegetarian Society revealed some really cool food workshops going on Indianapolis: the Food Bliss Workshop Series. According to their blog, they currently offer six weeks of classes ranging from an introduction to vegetarianism, to detoxing, to veggie and vegan sources of protein:

Vegetarian and vegan foods that provide a wealth of protein in forms that are easy for your body to use and digest – leaving you feeling light, energized and strong. We are shattering the protein myths in this class!

Sounds good! Led by a raw/living foods chef and a food lecturer, it looks as if they’re living their craft. They’re also endorsed by Good Earth, a very small but bountiful health food store in the Broadripple area of Indianapolis. I’m glad there are people trying to inspire others to live and eat well.


Number two is a woman named Cybele Pascal (awesome name, no?) who I found via a late-night Hulu browse. After her son got some ridiculous food allergies as an infant, she took it upon herself to create meals that were virtually allergen-free. But we’re not talking just peanuts and wheat here. No – her meals are typically free of (ready for this?): wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, fish, shellfish, and gluten! During an interview she was asked, “wow that leaves you with almost nothing, right?” To which she replied “Yes…well, no! I found there’s quite a few alternatives.” And there really are. I’m sure a lot of you are fal hmiliar with gluten-free baking, but she does some really amazing stuff with it.

On her blog she recently raved about Daiya (yeah!) and drops “vegan” quite a bit. Most of her recipes are vegan…I just wish she would give up stuff like gluten-free chicken tenders or whatever. When you’re already that conscious of your diet and food sources, shouldn’t meat fall under the same scrutiny? Oh well. Check out these “Hemp Seed Wedding Cookies” or “Double Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies” – delicious! My only criticism is that a lot of the recipes use regular white sugar (or some variant) and I’d love to see these done with an alternate. Still, I think the concept is great and it really helps free people from their dependence on dairy as that’s one of the main allergens she abstains from using.


Lastly, I want to mention this lengthy but really informative piece put out by Newsweek: Divided We Eat. In addition to a wonderful slideshow of pictures showing the “food divide” in America, the author delves into the issue of how some Americans are dedicated locavores while others can barely put enough food on their table for the whole family. A complex and interesting piece, for sure.

  • Aura

    Added Cybele to my Reader Feed. She has some good ideas, but seems to use a lot of shortenings/fake-y stuff, when coconut oil/flax eggs/ etc would be a little more natural. But, she’s doing a damn good job at keeping the allergens in check. I’m sure she spends a ton of time and effort into that, so I can’t complain with her source of ingredients- you can only worry about so much when it comes to diet without going crazy.

    • Sam

      I’m with you – she needs some influence from BabyCakes NYC!